5 Poshmark Tips and Tricks to Start Your Small Business

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I recently became a Posh Ambassador for Poshmark, an online clothing exchange where you can sell clothes in you closet! I have a Poshmark 101 Guide that you can read before this to help in creating your first listing if you are interested in selling your gently used or brand new clothes online.

#1 Rule Of Poshmark: Share, Share, Share

The best way to get your name out there is to share your items and other people’s items to gain more followers and sales! 

Here are a few tips to give beginning entrepreneurs in the Poshmark world!

Tip #1: Bedtime is Sale Time


This is my favorite time to start sharing my clothing items. I tend to share them to my followers around the 7pm-11pm window. This is a a guaranteed sale hours. These hours are when people come home to unwind and go straight to their phone. If you stay active and use the #1 rule, you will be successful.

Tip #2: Join The Party! 


This is not a real party, it’s a Posh Party! This is where you can share your items to the themed party. Some parties may be exclusive to Plus Size clothes or Men’s Style Party.

Pro Tip: Poshmark isn’t just for women, but men can sell on their too! 

Tip #3: Click Worthy

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The first time people see on your item is the first picture. If that first picture is not on point, they will scroll right past it. I sometimes will take pictures of me wearing the item or take a fuzzy rug to the background of the item and style it with a pair of shoes or necklace.

Tip #4: Room For Profit & Awareness of Low Ball 


Always aim for a higher price throughout your listing. Be aware that there is an offer button and people will offer whatever price they desire for the item. Be sure that you have a consistent price that you will lower. For example, I will accept offers between $3-$5 lower than the price I have listed to ensure that I still gain a profit, but also am aware that they want a discount too.

Tip #5: Cheers to the Weekend

The weekend is the time to sell, sell, sell! I love posting new listings Friday-Sunday. This is the time where people are willing to spend the pay checks and go shopping, since Friday’s are pay days. This is also a great time to lower your prices to increase faster sales.


Pro Tip: If there are several likes on an item, lower the price and they will be notified that the item has been lowered! 


I consider Poshmark to be one of my first businesses with a little bit of a helping hand. This app allows me to create my own interaction with customers and give them the best deals for items they want that make them feel confident. I hope this helped inspire you to look through your closet and find things to sell!

Please check out my Poshmark Closet! When you sign up, use my code: CHEYENNEOLSON to recieve a $5 credit towards an item in my closet!

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