How To Give Back This Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

With Christmas only a few days away, there is still time to give back the season! This is the time where we remind ourselves of how lucky we are and give back for the holidays. Here are a few ideas for you to make a difference in your community.

Give To Someone In Need / Random Act of Kindness

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A few days ago, I found a couple outside of a local shopping center holding a sign that said they wanted to make their three children’s Christmas special, but they were homeless and couldn’t give there children the Christmas the deserve. I rolled down my window and asked what ages, they told me, and I said I would be back.

I went to my local Walmart and purchased toys for their family as well as some little food goodies for the parents. I purchased each of them one blanket and bagged everything in Christmas bags.

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The family was so happy to see me return. When they saw me get out of my car they ran over to me. They couldn’t believe that I stopped what I was doing in my day to help them. The family was so sweet and I felt great giving them what they deserve! I hope that their family has an amazing Christmas.

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Donate Toys to a Local Toy Drive


Every year since I started working a part time job, I go to Metropolitan Ministries and  donate a cart full of toys for the holiday season. Even donating a few toys to a toy drive makes a difference. These toys go to children who don’t have the opportunities like we do. If we can help by purchasing a small gift for a child in need, that can make someone’s Christmas. The spirit of Christmas is not the receiving, but giving back to those who are in need.


By donating a toy, you are helping give a child hope and love! This is something I look forward to doing every year. It helps you realize that the small things in life are what are the most important. This small act of donating toys can help make someone’s Christmas Wish come true!


Donate to the Salvation Army Bucket 

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This is one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season! Any spare change I have, I will always donate into the iconic red bucket to help those in need! You can typically find these bucket’s right outside a grocery store during this month.

Pay It Forward


Next time you are in the Starbucks drive through, pay for the car behind you! This has happened to me before when the car in front of me paid for my drink. It was so special and made my day. If you are able to help make someone’s day by surprising them at checkout, that is one of the best ways to give back.

Make A Wish Foundation at Macy’s


Every year, Macy’s has the tradition of writing a letter to Santa. I will always go to Macy’s the week of Christmas and write a letter. These letters are to help the children in the Make A Wish Foundation. Macy’s donates a $1 for every letter written. Imagine all those letters to Santa! It’s easy and quick, while you are still helping to make a difference this Christmas.

Share Your Ears


If you want to help make a difference this holiday season, Disney will be donating $5.00 every Instagram post with the #ShareYourEars to the Make A Wish Foundation. If you post any picture with your Minnie or Mickey Mouse year, you are helping a child live out their dream. Make someone’s wish come true by sharing your ears on Instagram!


I hope this post has inspired you within the last 4 days of the Christmas Season to give back and make a difference whether that is in the community or throughout the world.

One small action can make a big difference. One $1, one toy, one smile, one hug. It all can change the world.


Happy Holidays, Readers!

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