Spreading Holiday Cheer – How To Give Back This Christmas!

With Thanksgiving tomorrow and Christmas is around the corner, I have been starting to think about the different ways to give back this holiday season! I have always had a passion for giving back this time of year. I wanted to give you a list of ideas and things you can do to make a difference and bring holiday cheer to someone’s day!

Donate to a Toy Drive


Every year, I donate to my local charity, Metropolitan Ministries, for children who don’t receive anything on Christmas Day. This is something I have done since I started working in 2014. Every year I look forward to shopping and gathering toys for children who deserve to have something to open on Christmas. I start in October purchasing toys any time I can. My goal is to come into the holiday tent with a Santa sack full of toys and fill up the shopping carts. When I was younger, I was very fortunate and thankful to have the opportunities I did and because of that – I want to give back in a special way – by donating toys. Times are tough so donating to any local toy drive in your area can help make a difference in a families holidays. This is the meaning of Christmas to me.


Random Act of Kindness

A few months ago, I was at a stop light and saw a man get out of his car, go to his trunk and pull out a granola bar and a bottled water for a homeless man on the road. I had never seen anyone do anything like that before. It inspired me to have small items in my car whenever I see someone who is hungry or homeless. I have added a box of granola bars and fruit snacks for when I’m at the next red light and I see someone who is hungry.

Last year when I found the family during Christmas time needing presents for their kids, it’s inspired me to keep toys, blankets, and small things in my car during the Christmas season in special Christmas bags just in case I find someone in need.

Paying It Forward

Next time you are in line a Starbucks, pay for the person behind you. If you are in a grocery store waiting in line, pay for the person in front of you. Doing this action is such a great way to show people that it’s a simple way of helping each other. Next time you’re in a drive-thru think about paying for the person behind you. This is a great surprise that anyone would be happy to receive.

Donate to Organizations



During the holidays, tons of stores will have at their cash registers the opportunity to donate to an organization of any kind. For example, Home Goods has a Donation Drive every year during the holidays for St. Jude’s Children’s Cancer Hospital. This is a great way to shop for your holiday gifts and at the end of your purchase donating a $1.00 to an organization when you shop at your favorite stores. Home Goods also has the option of purchasing a snow globe and 50% of the proceeds of the snow globe go to St. Jude’s. Find your favorite stores and check out what they are doing for the holidays so you can help give back in a big way!


One special way to give back is using your time. Time is something that is so valuable. Find local places near you to volunteer at such as a food bank or soup kitchen during the holidays. This is the best opportunity to give back in the best way possible – donating your time!

Making a Wish 

My favorite thing to do every year is going to Macy’s and sit down to write a letter to Santa. Macy’s partners with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help make children’s wishes come true during the holidays. For every letter written to Santa, they will donate a $1 to the Make-A-Wish Children’s Foundation.


I hope this blog has inspired to give back this holiday season! Any small act of kindness is making a difference in the world. Whether it’s a smile or a hug to someone who may need it or a pay it forward – these acts can help make someone’s day and change their lives. Do something that will make you feel like this will have an impact on someone’s holiday season. This is the time to reflect, be thankful and blessed to have the opportunities we have. Join me in giving back this holiday season!

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Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore 


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