Yo Ho, Yo Ho, Pirates Gasparilla Style – Tampa Tradition

Happy Gasparilla 2018!

Gasparilla Pirate Parade is a parade that takes place in Tampa, Florida every year since the early 19 hundreds . This is where Jose’ Gaspar, “Gasparilla”, came to southwest Florida and found the land. In honor of his finds, we celebrate through Pirate Invasions and beads! I have a few outfit ideas that are perfect for the occasion!

Jack Sparrow Inspired


This outfit is my traditional go to Gasparilla outfit. I am rocking my brown knee high boots from Torrid and basic black leggings. To tie the whole outfit together, I paired my flowy striped tank top from Marshalls. To tie in the brown of my boots, I wrapped a brown skinny belt around my stomach to add more shape to the top. My hair accessories are always red bandanas for a pop of color.


Pirate’s Life For Me! – Sailor Inspired


This look I felt major sailor vibes with my navy blue striped shirt from Forever 21! I tied it around the waist for a nautical look! I paired the outfit with lace white/cream shorts from Burlington and tied a red bandana around the belt loop. My boots are from Torrid to add a pirate feel to the look. Just like the first outfit, I wore a red bandana in my hair for a pop of color to my sailor look!


I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I am going to be rocking these outfits at Gasparilla!

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