A Pirates Life For Me – Gasparilla Outfit Inspiration 2019

Grab you eye patches, your bandanas and beads – I am getting ready for the pirates life in this blog!

Ever wanted to dress up like an edgy pirate? Well, I got you! This time of year is the most popular in Tampa Bay for one thing – THE Gasparilla Parade. Over 100,000 people attend this parade every year making it the third most attended parade in the United States. This parade is so special to me because it always brought the spirit of Tampa Bay alive!

My look was inspired by all the different styles in Tampa Bay around this time of year. Accessories are one of the most important things to have on you while dressing up!

This weekend it will be cold in Tampa Bay, so I decided to dress a little warm, but still edgy and cute for this Gasparilla! I found this red and white striped shirt from Marshalls on clearance for only $16.00! I unbuttoned the last few buttons to tie the shirt in a knot at the bottom so it gives more of a nautical feel! Wearing any stripes are great to give that extra pirate vibe. I wanted to wear a bright color because of all my other darker pieces. I added a black leather jacket for edginess and to help stay warm.

I styled the red and white shirt with my favorite skirt of all time – a black leather skirt from Charlotte Russe! This is the same skirt I wore in my New Year’s Eve OOTD look. This skirt is super stretchy to add leggings or tights underneath! As a plus size girl, it’s always hard for me to find tights the genuinely fit, that don’t roll down or are dig into my skin. These tights from Torrid are PERFECT! For $18.90, it is the best investment! I will be stocking up!

Like last year, I styled the look with my favorite knee high brown boots from Torrid. If you want to check out how I styled my Gasparilla outfit last year, click here!

Accessories are a staple piece for Gasparilla! A bold red lip is necessary to give that eye catching look and a pop of color! A pair of aviator black sunglasses are a must to help protect your eyes from the sun and give that edgy vibe to your look.

My favorite accessory this year is my skull black bandana from a small boutique called Hazel + Dot in South Tampa. This boutique has the cutest accessories for Gasparilla! I highly recommend them if you are wanting to shop local in the Tampa Bay Area.

Last but not least, the most important thing I’ll be carrying around is a flask in my Torrid belt bag or aka, my stylish fanny pack. This look is super cute reminding me of Jack Sparrow with the brown/tan suede color and adding the brown from my boots!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog! This was such a fun blog for me to put together! I love this look and will be wearing it tomorrow on the parade route! I hope you all found some Gasparilla Inspo for the next parade!

Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore


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