Demi Concert Outfit of the Night

Happy Weekend!

This is a special weekend! I am celebrating my 1 year of blogging on Sunday! I am so excited to share one of my boldest looks for you. My look is Demi Lovato inspired for her Tell Me You Love Me Tour in Tampa, Florida show! I am a big fan of her music, so I decided to dress up for this concert.


For my edgy Demi look, I chose to wear basic colors – blue and black. I wore my favorite lace, flowy shorts from Torrid. These are the most comfortable shorts for going to festivals or concerts!  These shorts are going to add a bit of fun, flirty, and edginess to your wardrobe. These shorts are perfect if you are wanting to wear a crop top like this and you are plus size. This is

Chey Tip: Right now these lace shorts are 25% off on Torrid’s Website right now! So many colors too!  


On to the main event, this amazing top! My denim blue cropped top is from Charlotte Russe. everything about this top is so much fun! This top is fun for summer and spring! It took a lot in me to actually wear this top in public. This top made me feel comfortable because of all the elements of it! The tied knot, the ruffled belled sleeves, the color, and denim. This is a trend for summer, so if you see it in the stores, BUY IT!

Chey Confidence Note: I have stretch marks, but did I care? – Hell No! “What’s wrong with being confident?” like Demi says! Rock it girl. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear something, because you can! 


I finished my look with a black purse from H&M and black chunky booties from Target. The shoes brought the whole look together! Get yourself some chunky booties and stand tall and confident!

This is one of my favorite looks I’ve ever done. It is so simple and bold! The different styles really made me want to branch out into different styles. This is such a fun outfit and I recommend anyone who wants to step out of their comfort zone with their style to try this look!


Check out the YouTube link below for my Spring Haul Fashion video! A new one will be up soon with some summer trends!

Until the next blog – my 1 year anniversary of blogging!

Thank you for reading!

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