18 Goals – 1 Girl Boss – Cheyenne Lenore’s 2018 Recap

2018 was one of the most important years of my life. This year has been filled with accomplishments and exciting new beginnings. 2018 was the year of dreaming and achieving! Here are just a few of my milestones as a blogger, student and girl boss!

1/17/18 – Featured on Torrid’s website three times!

2/11/18 – Posted my first YouTube Video!

2/14/18 – Blogs By Cheyenne became Cheyenne Lenore

3/16/18 – Wore my first crop top for my blog and for ME – I have to say this was a really big moment because I always assumed I could never wear it. This started a huge trend for me!

3/21/18 – Saw Demi Lovato in concert with Zach! Here is another crop top OOTD. This was one of my favorite looks of 2018. Click here to see my outfit details.

4/15/18 – My one year anniversary of blogging! This was such a big milestone for me. I go into so much more detail on my one year anniversary blog, but this was one of the most important days to me.

5/5/18 – Traveled to Boca Grande, FL with my best friend to follow our dreams as event planners. We had the best time traveling the little town. Check out all the fun outfits here. That was my favorite travel blog to date.

5/19/18 – Talked to a group of amazing girls about my past experience with bullying, confidence and self-love. This motivated me to want to start motivational speaking and open up more about my experiences. It inspired me to write my How To Love Yourself Blog.

6/3/18 – Was offered my first event planning opportunity to plan a baby shower! This was the best opportunity! The event took place in July and was amazing and fantastic! Learned I was the DIY QUEEN!

6/8/18 – Traveled to Walt Disney World for a Staycation Getaway with my family! Finally got both of my parents back into a theme park – very monumental for not just them, but me too! I blogged about my weekend at Disney here, and packed my favorite suitcase of all time here!

6/26/18- Traveled to Las Vegas for the trip of a lifetime! I never thought I’d be able to go to Las Vegas. Sang Blank Space by Taylor Swift in front of so many people, ate at a $40 buffet, ate pancakes the size of records and drank a milkshake at a true 50’s inspired diner. Click here to see my outfits of the week!

6/28/18 – Opened Cinderella’s Crafts to start selling my handmade Mickey mouse inspired ears!

7/18/18 – Traveled to New York City for my third time! The city is even more magical ever time! Saw Wicked and Frozen on Broadway and ate at my favorite place, Juniors. Shopped at Forever 21 and the Disney Store in Times Square at midnight.

8/10/18 – My first visit to Toy Story Land! Here’s my vlog of my reaction!

8/23/18 – Worked with Basic Invite to provide you all with my favorite blog – A Guide for a Girl Boss! My second sponsorship!

8/25/18 – Auditioned for American Idol my 3rd time. My whole experience is on the blog! Click here to read all about what happened and my song choice!

8/27/18 – Started my last semester of college!

9/30/18 – Posted my 100th blog! This was for sure a monumental moment for my blog because that is 100 blogs of hard work! Click here to read!

10/19/18 – Turned 23!

12/1-12/25 – Successfully completed VLOGMAS, where I vlogged every single day of December until Christmas Day! Click here to check out my Vlogmas Playlist!

12/15/18 – I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Business Management. This was my biggest accomplishment of the year. Click here to read my Letter to a Graduate Girl Boss!


This year has been one of the best of my life. I’ve felt as though I’ve learned a lot about myself and where I want to go in the future for my business, my blog, my YouTube channel and other passions I have. I am looking forward to a fresh start to new beginnings in 2019! 2018 taught me that the adventure is out there and to never give up on a single dream. Like Cinderella says, “no one can stop me from dreaming”. This year has opened so many opportunities for 2019. I am ready for the beginning of the next chapter of my life! Graduating has made me understand that it’s time to put action to the goals and dreams. I am making it happen and nothing can get in the way of it.

I have so many plans for 2019, so get ready a year where the impossible is possible. My girl boss mode is in full gear! I am ready for this year to be the best year yet!

Happy New Year!

Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore


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