How To Start Off Your 2020 Right | Declutter, Organize & Refresh

Happy New Year Y’all!

I hope you all are having a fantastic start to your new year. I know I’ve been taking it easy and relaxing after a crazy couple of weeks filming everyday! I’m officially on refresh and declutter mode! If you remember last year, I posted a blog on how to be a successful Girlboss in 2019, those point still stand for 2020, click here to read it!

One thing at the top of my 2020 list is to be more organization in my life. From messy purses to over stuffed drawers – I have way too many things that take up to much space. Clutter is all over the place and if you’ve seen my vlogs, you seen countless clean with me’s. I feel like I’m never cleaning enough!

Here’s a few things that are at the top of my declutter list that you can do today!

Clean Out Your Purse

This is one that I have filled with candy, receipts, straw wrappers, coins, lipstick and a bunch of other stuff. I find myself always loosing everything within all the trash and stuff that doesn’t even belong in there. Take a few minutes out of your day to clean it out and throw it away! This is something I should do more regularly!

Declutter Your Sweaters and Jackets

As we are approaching warmer weather, at least in Florida, there isn’t really a need for heavy coats or sweaters like we needed in December (rarely). Look through your closet and see if there are sweaters or jackets you know you don’t want anymore! Why take up the space if you know you’ll never wear it. If you want to see me declutter all my sweaters and jackets click here to see my video! You can also buy straight from my closet – click here to shop!

Put Pictures In Frames & Hang Things On The Wall

We all have that stash of pictures and a bunch of frames that haven’t been touched all of 2019. It’s time to put those into frames and hang them or put them where they belong. I bought frames and had no pictures to put them in, so I decided to print a ton of pictures that I love and start decorating with pictures around my room. If you have any wall art that is sitting on the ground, grab a nail and hammer it put that thing on the wall! It’s one step closer to a decluttered floor and life!

Clean Your Desk Off

One way to be productive is having your own space that you can go to and plan out anything – bills, create your to do list, or any future ideas or work you may have to complete! Your desk should be the spot where you can go to and have a clear mind. Right now, my desk is super cluttered and filled with random things and mostly Mickey Mouse plushies. Declutter it and you’ll feel brand new!

Make It A Habit To Make Your Bed Everyday

This is a tough one and even I’m guilty for not doing this everyday, but when I do – I instantly feel more organized and put together before even getting ready for the day. I love having a day where there are no throw pillows or blankets on the floor! This is a good way to refresh and leave your floor clutter free.

I hope this blog inspired you to declutter and refresh! Start new habits this year! I know I am going to try to make my bed everyday – It’s a challenge that I am up for!

Until the next blog,

Cheyenne Lenore


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