Bored In The House & I’m In The House Bored | What I’ve Been Keeping Busy

HAPPY WEEKEND! I hope you are having the best weekend! I wanted to write a blog about the things I’ve been doing to keep busy during this time of staying at home!

Photoshoots In My House

I have been trying to find a different way of making content for you guys so I’ve been doing some photoshoots at home! This has been a fun way of showing off some decor I’ve put in my room. I love decorating and designing so this has been a fun activity for me. This was just a random day I said “hey David, can you just snap some pictures?!”.

Have A DIY Day

Recently, I cleaned out my entire craft room. Clearing out every corner and figuring out what I have in my space. I decluttered a ton, but there is still tons of unfinished projects I can finally tackle during this time at home. I’ve started a few projects like DIY Pearl Headbands, Minnie Ears for the holidays, making apron patterns out of fabrics I love, and painting random blank canvases! I have been enjoying this time of myself like sewing and watching Gossip Girl!

Painting With A Virtual Class

You can’t go to the painting studio? I have the perfect solution! I loving going to Pinot’s Palette, it’s a local studio out in Brandon, FL. It’s one of my favorite places to get away and take a mini stress break. They are making it super easy for us to paint at home! If you live local or live where ever there is a Pinot’s Palette, they are doing virtual painting classes! You pick up your supplies curbside and contactless! Grab your glasses and laptop to learn how to make a canvas painting right in your home! It’s a great way to spice up a fun night!

Playing Board Games Vs. Online

As we all know, I’m addicted to playing Animal Crossing. I have been fishing like crazy and making adjustments to my Island since the game came out. I recently order card games like Uno and have been playing this with everyone for days! Try busting out the old board games put it on the kitchen table and talk to one another! These are going to be memories you’ll remember! (I still am playing Animal Crossing though.)

Picnics at the Park or Backyard

Having a mini picnic can be SO much fun. Get your picnic basket out of the closet and grab your favorite card game, drinks and snacks and head to the park or your backyard! Since restaurants are closed, this is a fun way to spend time with the people you are self isolated with. I recently went to a park and got kicked out so I suggest that you try it in your backyard first.

Switch Up Your Breakfast Routine

I decided that I would treat myself to breakfasts that I normally never get the chance to make or have when I am always on the go. Try something different to make or eat since we are stuck in the house and time has slowed down!

Ordering Food From Local Restaurants

We all know this is a rough time for a lot of small businesses. Since the safe at home order, I’ve been ordering through Uber Eats my favorite restaurant of all – King Of The Coop! It’s one thing I’ve been missing since being stuck at home. I’m so thankful that I have the opportunity to support local business and still have the best chicken ever. If you want to see all the other small businesses to support during this time, click here to read my favorites in the Tampa Bay area!

Watch A Series You’ve Been Wanting To Watch

I’ve been watching tons of Nextflix shows! I’m currently on season 3 of Gossip Girl! I am loving watching the show because I never got the chance to watch it when it aired.

I hope my activities give you something to do while you are at home! I know sometimes it gets boring in the house, but I hope this gave you some inspo for the next time your bored in the house and in the house bored!

Until tomorrow’s blog, loves!

Lots of love,

Cheyenne Lenore


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