May The Force Be With You | Star Wars Princess Leia & Han Solo Inspired OOTD’s

Happy May 4th! May the force be with you all!

I am so excited to share with you guys my favorite Disney bounds I’ve ever done at the comfort of my front and back yard. I have always wanted to bring these outfits into the parks, especially Galaxy’s Edge! This is a continuation blog of my Disney Bound from yesterday’s blog! If you haven’t checked out the look, click here!

Han Solo and Princess Leia and style icons! These two characters are my favorite in the whole series! Han Solo and is humor and Leia and her confidence! This iconic character couple is one to watch all through Episode 4-9.

Princess Leia

My favorite Disney Bound I’ve ever done has to be this one! Leia is confidence and knows what she wants!

White is the go-to color for any Leia outfit! I styled a simple white dress from Forever 21 with my furry white vest from Cracker Barrel! That vest has made several appearances on the blog; it’s one of my favorites!

I styled jewelry with gold circle choker necklaces from Forever 21. I layered two necklaces to add some color to the Disney bound! She always wore a lot of pretty necklaces in the first few movies, but she still kept in simple!

Space buns – CHECK! I had to do the iconic buns from Leia’s OOTD in Episode 4, A New Hope! I have never done this look before, but I felt super cute in this whole outfit! This is what tied the whole look together.

I added a cute belt beg tie add the finishing touch to the look. This belt bag is from Torrid. All I need is a blaster and I’m Leia for real! This is by far my favorite outfits I’ve done and I cannot wait to take my next Leia Disney bound to the next level in Batuu.

Han Solo

One of the best characters in the whole Star Wars franchise, Mr. Han Solo! Indiana Jones meets Han Solo is my inspo for this OOTD! Han Solo is a funny guy and can be totally sarcastic. His sidekick not only is Chewie, but Leia too! That is why I had to put both Disney Bounds in the same blog!

I styled this outfit with a lot of browns and rust orange tan colors. To start, my leggings, backpack and jacket are that rusty color that reminds me of fall, but I think it works all together! I added cream tank turtle neck top since that is the go to style for a Star Wars character! It’s very 70’s and so is A New Hope, so I thought this outfit was perfect for a Han Solo bound!

The jacket is my favorite piece! I wear it all the time in the fall, so it was fun to tie it into a Star Wars blog! For a more detailed look, I added a brown belt from torrid and my red, rust colored hat from Forever 21. This whole combination was giving me all the Star Wars feels! I wanted to go ride Smugglers Run and defeat the First Order in this outfit!

What I loved about this look is that it gave me confidence! I channeled my inner Han Solo and gave SLAYED! This look made me really want to try out more Disney bounds in the future!

These looks are so much fun and I hope they brought you happiness for today!

I hope these OOTD’s gave you so inspo and some Star Wars cheer on this amazing day! I’m not going to go watch Episode 9 and wish I could meet Kylo Ren.

I hope you are enjoying your Star Wars filled day! May the force be with you! If you want to check out my Darth Vader and Padme OOTD Disney Bounds, click here!

Until tomorrow’s blog!

Lots of galactic love from my Home!

Cheyenne Lenore


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