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I have a little bit of a different blog for you guys today. So here it goes!

If you are a fan of fashion, you’ve probably gone to Macy’s before whether for yourself or to purchase gifts for family or friends. Macy’s is an icon in the fashion and retail industry. From clothes to jewelry, to purses and makeup, Macy’s has been a one-stop-shop for several years for me. I remember when I traveled to New York for my first time ever in 2015, walking into Macy’s in Herald Square, smelling the perfume, and looking to purchase my first Micheal Kors purse. It was an experience I never thought I’d have because I had a fear of flying for years.

Even though my experience never passed the Micheal Kors counter in 2015, I always remember how I loved looking at the biggest Macy’s in the whole world and being in true awe. I quickly applied for a credit card with Macy’s, bought my Micheal Kors tan handbag, and caught the subway with, at the time, SGA President, Deborah. We quickly had to get back on the subway to make it in line to see a broadway show. I remember receiving the iconic crisp white Macy’s paper bag with a bright red star in the middle. It was a shopaholics dream to be there. I should’ve pinched myself because the whole thing happened so fast. I walked into the St. James Theatre with a Macy’s bag. What could be more Times Square than that?

This year, in January 2020, I took a trip to New York City to experience the cold with Zach. I always would travel every year to New York City in July, but since my first trip in 2015, I had not been back to my favorite store in NYC.

Traveling to the Macy’s was in an Uber, nothing special. If it was in a taxi, it would’ve been like out of a movie. Arrived at the corner of 34th and Broadway, see the big Macy’s sign. It was such a magical experience being able to see Macy’s in person again. I had such a good memory of what it smelled like.

Walking into Macy’s through the golden turnstile was so magical. I couldn’t wait to smell the smell of perfume and expensive handbags. I looked up and still found that the store had not taken down the “Believe” sign. I was so happy because one of my favorite campaigns Macy’s has done is writing a letter to Santa Claus during the holiday season. I go every year and drop a letter in the mailbox. This was a truly magical miracle.

Zach and I split up and I wandered through the racks and racks of designer handbags, super scared to travel to the other floors because I knew it would be trouble for my wallet. Kate Spade to Gucci, to Micheal Kors, to DNKY – it was all there and I was in love with every cross body bag with a chain.

I remember a women came up to me asking if I needed help. I asked her where the plus size sections was because I needed to get away from the handbags that were not in my price range. She told me the 7th floor, all the way in the back. I said okay and that’s when I went on my adventure to the plus size section.

Let me remind you – I am from Tampa, FL where the plus size section is nonexistent in all my local Macy’s and if there is one, it’s very sketchy and I don’t ever want to shop in there. It’s placed all the way in the back mixed in with maternity and the children’s section.

I go up the escalator, passing a Starbucks and McDonalds in the process. I was in complete shock and I couldn’t believe I was seeing restaurants inside Macy’s. I traveled up the narrow wooden and shaky escalators up to the seventh floor. It was a true maze in Macy’s to get to the plus size section. I passed an Auntie Annie’s pretzels. I remember just the smell of the cinnamon made me want to stop and get mini pretzel bites, but I was on a mission to the plus size section. I included a few of my videos from when I arrived to the 7th floor of Macy’s!

I walked all the way to the back, turned the corner was greeted by plus size mannequins. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of plus size clothes that were in front of me. I truly was in awe because I had never seen this many plus size clothing racks in my life. It was a shoppers dream come true.

Once I was over the shock that I was there, I instantly saw the prettiest dress on one of the mannequins. It was a red scalloped off the shoulder dress. I said, if I buy anything from Macy’s today, it has to be that dress. I asked so many people on the floor where to find it, but we couldn’t find the dress. I ended up searching the clearance rack and found it on sale for $22.00. Only one left. I was so beyond excited that I found this iconic red dress and a really great deal!

I tried the dress on in the dressing room and immediately started crying. I was overwhelmed and so excited to find something in the plus size section that I loved SO so much. It also is the bright Macy’s red. When I tried on the dress, I knew it was meant to be mine. It fit perfectly. It was stretchy and comfy. It’s the style of dress I love.

When I left that store I knew it was one of the most magical experiences I had at any store. I was so happy to have found that little red dress that was perfect for my photos in front of one of my favorite icons in New York City.

A true Miracle on 34th Street! I love Macy’s and will always continue to shop their plus size section! On my way out I had Zach snap a photo of me in the plus size section to remember the day that as a plus size woman I felt included and proud to be in the body I’m in.

I hope you all enjoyed a different style blog today. It is one I have been wanting to write for the longest time.

See you in Blogmas Day 4!

Stay Confident!

Cheyenne Lenore


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