Top 20 Blogs of 2020 | Fashion, Style and Confidence

Happy New Years Eve! I am going through the top 20 blogs of this year! Here is a massive list of all the blog from 2020 that made this year the best year!

A Girl Boss Christmas | The Story of How I Started To Blog – Cheyenne Lenore

Fashion and Style Looks of 2020 | Favorites, Traveling, Confidence and More – Cheyenne Lenore

Do As Dreamers Do | Motivation For A Girl Boss – Cheyenne Lenore

The Great Pumpkin | Pumpkin Patch OOTD – Cheyenne Lenore

30 Halloween Costumes In 30 Seconds | Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Are In Your Closet – Cheyenne Lenore

My Story | Where It All Started – Cheyenne Lenore

Pumpkin Lovin’ Girl | Why I Love Pumpkins So Much – Cheyenne Lenore

The Plaid Dress Of My Dreams! | My Favorite Fall OOTD – Cheyenne Lenore

Pumpkin Spice Vibes | Feel The Fall Fit with Torrid – Cheyenne Lenore

I Put A Spell On You & Now It’s October | The Witch is Back OOTN – Cheyenne Lenore

A Decade In The Making | My Confidence Journey. – Cheyenne Lenore

I Dressed Like My Animal Crossing Villager | 4 Outfits Inspired By My Villager – Cheyenne Lenore

Welcome To New York | Times Square Travel Lookbook – Cheyenne Lenore

Macy’s On 34th St | New York Lookbook & My Experience – Cheyenne Lenore

May The Force Be With You | Star Wars Princess Leia & Han Solo Inspired OOTD’s – Cheyenne Lenore

Happy Blog-A-Versary Cheyenne Lenore | 3 Years Of Blogging – Cheyenne Lenore

The Confidence Of A Girl Boss | Girl Boss State Of Mind – Cheyenne Lenore

Breaking Every Plus Fashion Size Stereotype | I Dubunked ALL That. – Cheyenne Lenore

Boardwalk Style | Spring Torrid Fashion OOTD – Cheyenne Lenore

A Beignet Lovin’ Girl Boss | NOLA Travel Blog – Cheyenne Lenore

Thank you all for being on the journey with me this year! These blogs were the best of the best! I cannot wait to spend 2021 with all of you! Thank you for reading and making this year the best year it can be.

I’ll see you all in 2021!


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