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Let’s talk about all the holy grails that I swear by for my beauty routine! I have a few of my favorite of all time holy grails that are honestly game changing! These are products that I swear buy and highly recommend to anyone – this is also not sponsored, but I really wish it was. These items have changed my life!

Revlon Hair Dryer

I recently purchased this as a recommendation from a blogger on Instagram. Her hair always looks FABULOUS! I couldn’t wait to try it out when I recently purchased it from Ulta. To say I’m in love with the results is an understatement. My hair feels good and healthy! It’s a 3 in one. It brushes, blow drys and styles my hair. If you are looking to spice up your hair care routine, consider this revlon dryer because my life has been completely change! I got mine from Ulta for only $59.99!

Skincare Fridge

This was a total splurge for me, but I have been really wanting a skincare fridge for my bathroom. This was entirely just for on of my other holy grails, my Flawless Rose Quartz Roller. I found a YouTuber talking about she loved her skincare fridge and I said, wait – why don’t I have that yet!? I always love fresh face masks from Lush Cosmetics, but never purchase them because I forget they are in my regular fridge downstairs. This is not an essential purchase at all, but as someone who is trying to get their skincare routine down pat, I think this is a great way to keep your product nice and cool especially during these hotter months!

Rose Quartz Roller

I’ve seen so many people purchase rose quartz rollers and saying theirs broke after a couple of uses – not this one! Flawless has the highest quality rose quartz roller! This was the whole reason for wanting a skin fridge was to put the rose quartz roller in my fridge. When I tell you this has changed my life – I will never leave my roller out ever again. I recently talked all about it my skincare in my “Skincare Routine” Blog and have been using daily ever since I purchased it!

Anything From Flawless

Y’all I own practically every invention Flawless has come out with! From facial hair removers to leg hair removers, I have it all. I have not bought a razor in over a year! It’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever invested in. From eyebrows to upper lip to legs and underarm removers, this is my go-to for EVERYTHING! I love these products way to much to change my routine! If you are looking for a quality product to get rid of your hair from ANYWHERE, Flawless is the answer.

Grease Lightning

Lush has a lot of holy grails for me skincare wise, but Grease Lightning takes the cake for being the best zit and blemish remover. Whenever I feel a pimple or bump on my face, I put on this spot cleanser and like lighting, clears up so fast! With this product, a little bit goes a long way. This product is made of up natural ingredients such as aloe and tea tree oil. It smells amazing and has helped me keep clear skin!

What are some of your holy grails? I know I have a ton more, but these are my true top favorites! Comment below what you cannot live without!

I’ll see y’all in tomorrow Blogmas In July Day 8!

Stay Confident!

Cheyenne Lenore


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