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Happy Tuesday Girl Bosses!

I wanted to share with you all a few tips for motivation. With the holidays and the stress being at an all time high, it’s sometimes difficult for us to stay focused on our goals. I know this month I have experienced some SERIOUS lack motivation. I was so “on the go” for Chey-O-Ween, that I completely crashed this month. How do you get over that “crash” or the feeling of no motivation? Well, I got a few tips for y’all!

Believe in Yourself. This is truly the first step. When we are lacking motivation, it’s sometimes are for us to fully believe that “I Got This” moment. Try some different hacks like writing down the things you love about yourself or write down all your accomplishments.

Use Pen and Paper To Write Your Goals. Don’t just say your goals out loud, WRITE them out. Its been scientifically proven that if you write down whatever goal you are going after, you will achieve it!

Do As Dreamers Do. A wish starts with a dream. Why would we wish for something without the dream? We all have dreams for ourselves! Big or small – it’s something that is made in our hearts. It’s something you love or something you have a passion for or want in your life. I have had several dreams along the way of blogging and when I was in school. Just ask yourself: What is something you want? What is something that you have a passion for? Remember that to help those wishes come true you have to have goals. If you put in the work and add a little magic, I’m sure you’ll see it come to life.

Take A Break When You Know You Need To. Don’t force yourself to make content or do things when you don’t want to. Listen to your body. If you need to sleep, sleep! If you need to just sit on your couch and watch Schitt’s Creek for a second time, DO IT! Don’t force yourself to do anything. Sometimes we have to take that break to be reminded that we need time to recharge.

When No Doors Open, Make Them Open. This is SO true. The way to do this is to keep moving forward and doing what you do. Even those moments that you want to give up, DON’T. I sometimes find myself being super hard on myself when in one month I didn’t see any opportunities, but why should I sit around and wait? Make them happen. Like actually get out there any communicate!

Remember The WHY. Why did you start doing whatever passion or project you are needing motivation for? Keep that in your head that why and you won’t lose that drive and motivation. Whenever I lose sight on my dream, I always go back to the original reason why I do what I do.

If you use all these tips, I believe you will have all the motivation of a girl boss! I hope this blog motivated you to keep dreaming and going after those goals. I know you’ve got this!

Sending lots of love! I’ll see y’all in the next blog!


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