Merry Christmas To All | 300th Blog On Christmas Day

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Today is one of my favorite days to ever exist. It’s Christmas! I love the holiday season and everything that it comes with. From baking to drinking hot cocoa, decorating and singing all the carols – all the Christmas things have been done. It’s hard to believe that the holidays have come and gone so fast, but one thing isn’t hard to believe is my journey in blogging. I have dedicated over 72,300 words – 134 blogs in just 2020 alone. 161,202 words – 299 blogs since 2017. 161,202 words of fashion, confidence, and vulnerability – opening up and sharing my stories with you all.

When I think about every blog I’ve written so far, they are all my favorite – but some stand out in particular that give you this history as to why I started this journey. A Girl Boss Christmas | The Story of How I Started To Blog, My Story | Where It All Started, and A Decade In The Making | My Confidence Journey to name a few.

This blog that I’m currently writing is my 300th blog on Christmas Day. This the best gift of all and it’s a gift that isn’t even for me. It’s for you. I have written all 300 blogs with love and vulnerability. Since the beginning and to the 299th blog – I’ve continued to grow and make my dream a reality.

The Evolution Of Cheyenne Lenore

If you look back at my first blog and compare it to now – you would see the complete difference in my writing, style of blogging and photos. There are concepts and plans now! There is a purpose. I’m proud of where I’m heading in this blogging world. I look back at the older blogs and remember how proud of myself I was then. I know now that 300 blogs later, I’m still as proud is really exciting. I found confidence in my words and my vision. I just know that Cheyennelenore.com will always be changing and growing. Think of it like Walt Disney’s vision for EPCOT – he dreamed so big and no idea was to crazy for him. He kept growing as an innovator and coming up with a new tomorrow. I keep growing as a creator and coming up with new ways to share my journey to confidence. I will always be growing in confidence everyday.

Questions of a Girl Boss

Where do I see myself in the next 100 blog posts? I see myself going above and beyond and continuing to grow my audience and my passion for blogging. Even when it seems like I couldn’t love blogging any more than I already do, I know there is so much room in my heart to love this even more.

What content will I provide in the next 100 blogs? More confidence and more stories. I find myself always loving the blogs the most when I share my most vulnerable stories and my journey to confidence. This has always been the goal of blogging and why I started. I started because I wanted to share my confidence journey. Expect more styling of outfits I wouldn’t normally wear or tips and advice on being yourself. I want to share more and give more

Goals Of A Girl Boss

I love making content, planning and having fun with it! This is something I know I was meant to do. It’s my favorite thing to do. Back at 200 blogs, I said I wanted to make more content in 2020, and I seriously delivered. I reached my goal of 200 blogs back in May. Between May and December, I hit 300. That is a record for Cheyennelenore.com! My goal was to share more vulnerable content and I did just that.

My goal for the next 100 blogs is to continue to keep sharing my stories with you all and make any idea I have in my head come to life. You will see so much more content from me in 2021, and 2020 isn’t over yet so get ready for lots of look backs on the year and a few of my favorite things!

Here are a few of my favorite blogs from the past 100:

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A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU! You reading this blog is the reason I keep moving forward. If it wasn’t for you reading, I would have no one to share these milestones with! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for continuing to support my blog and my journey as a blogger. This set of 100 blogs has meant so much to me. I cannot wait to see where the next 100 takes us!

Until tomorrow’s Cheymas Day 26! I’ll see you then!


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