A Girl Boss Christmas | The Story of How I Started To Blog

Two Years ago today I walked across the stage at my college graduation. This was a huge moment for me and turned out to be the best moment of my entire life. I graduated The University of Tampa with my degree in Management with the hopes of becoming a small business owner one day.

That dream is still alive for me. I’ve always wanted to start a small event planning company. I was the first to graduate in my family with a degree. To this day I still miss walking the halls and driving to school.

I wanted to share a little background of how I actually started blogging. I started blogging in college as an assignment in my Management Information Systems class. This class I actually failed. The one thing I got out of it was how to start a blog.

I’ll never forget that moment sitting in the computer lab thinking of the dream of being a blogger one day. At that time, I started with a dream, but I didn’t know where I would go with it. I didn’t think about the blog I had started in my class until spring of 2017. I decided that April 15th, 2017 would be my launch date for my first ever blog post.

It was something that I didn’t know how to start, but I knew it was something that was meant to be. I knew my story and what I had been through and I knew I could share it with my blog. In high school, I always would be asked where I got my clothes and how I was so confident. I knew I could combine my love for fashion and style with my confidence journey. I wanted to be able to have a space where I could share my story and share how I became confident.

Why am I talking about this now? Well, since it’s the anniversary of my graduation, I wanted to share something I haven’t really written before. If I never went to UT, I wouldn’t have a blog. I wouldn’t have the dream to be a blogger. Cheyennelenore.com wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for going to UT. UT allowed me to dream the wildest dreams and believe in myself more than ever before.

I’m so grateful for walking those halls, failing that class and learning all the things I did there. December 15th will always be a reminder to me that I accomplished one goal of a long list of Christmas Girl Boss dreams and goals.

I’ll see you all tomorrow for Cheymas Day 16!


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