Fashion and Style Looks of 2020 | Favorites, Traveling, Confidence and More

It’s time for a 2020 wrap up! I have never done a style wrap up before, but I figured this would be the perfect blog to recap everything from 2020 that was my favorite. From photoshoots to fashion looks that I couldn’t get enough of; Here’s a full blog filled with all my favorite fashion moments and monumental things from this year.

The Olive Green Skirt

This olive green corduroy skirt has traveled from season to season with me! This skirt has been one of my essential wardrobe pieces since the fall. I loved each look so much from the buffalo plaid jacket to the leopard sweater, these looks go in the books for the best of Cheyenne Lenore! This is my style hands down! I love cozy pieces that can feel super girly and fun!

The Time I Got To Work With Brands I Love

2020 was filled with so many surprises and opportunities that I will NEVER forget. I got the chance to work with Torrid, Kervology and Leading Lady! This was a moment I’ll never forget and outfits that go down in history on this blog! I love my sequin look from Kervology. They sent over that top and truly made my December sparkle! Torrid reached out to me in March of 2020 wanting to collab. My first EVER collab where I got to work with a brand, let alone my favorite brand in the entire world. My spring boardwalk look goes down in 2020 history as my first collaboration ever.

The Witch Is Back

Chey-O-Ween took over your email inboxes and Instagram feeds with blogs every single day in October. This look featuring all Torrid is my favorite look for 2020. This look made me feel SO confident – like I could take on anything October would bring my way. A month filled of DIYs, treats, spooky vibes, fashion, and 30 costumes in 30 seconds – it goes down in 2020 history as my favorite month of the year. The first time I ever had a photoshoot with smoke – it is not the last either! Did mention October is my favorite month, it may be because it’s my birthday month, but I cannot wait for Chey-O-Ween 2021!

A Fashion Statement With A Meaning

THIS IS EVERYTHING. I remember wanting to make a blog post about my confidence journey talking about the very beginning. 10 years of confidence in the making. It was a celebration of choosing to take the positive route over the negative one. It was a celebration of choosing to love myself over anything else. I pulled my prom dress out of my closet and put it on for the first time in 6 years. It was 6 years since the day I had looked in the mirror and believed I was beautiful. It was a moment I’ll never forget and a dress that has a whole lot more of a meaning than just a prom dress. It means progress and progress leads us to opportunities.

The Blog Idea That Changed My Life

What seemed to be a fun quarantine idea ended up being the best idea of 2020. I decided since I was playing Animal Crossing so much, I wanted to recreate my villager’s outfits. I styled my character really close to how I would dress in real life. I decided that since I was shopping for looks at Able’s, that I could find outfits that matched ones I have in my closet. I found 4 outfits that resembled my villager and I styled them for one blog post. This blog, to this day is my most viewed blog of 2020 and in my top 5 since starting to blog. This blog idea changed my life. I decided to film a reel advertising my newest blog post on Instagram. In 2 days after posting, it went viral and Instagram featured it. It surpassed 1.2 million views. That was such a surreal moment. I’ll never forget how I was feeling in the moment. I was so proud of myself and how I was able to come up with a the concept and execute my vision while creating a viral video. That video brought me over 1,700 new friends on my Instagram. I’m truly so grateful for that moment.

My Favorite Girl Boss Look

This was the look that changed the game for me. I never purchased a set before and this was the first time matching. It also was one of my most liked photos of 2020! I felt that after this look, the sky was the limit from here! Girl boss mode was unlocked and taking over 2020.

A Traveling Girl Boss

In January, I had the chance to travel to New York before the pandemic started. I traveled to experience the cold in NYC! I love Times Square. It’s one of my favorite places to travel to. This time I had full intentions to live my fashionista dreams, shop at Macy’s and travel to the places I didn’t normally get to see when I traveled to New York in the past.

These outfits tested my ability to be bold and try new things. I set the ton for how I wanted to live my life in 2020. It was how I wanted to start my transition into bringing more confidence and boldness to my look.

A Summer Of Confidence

Back in the summer, I created a “cover of Vouge”. It was a challenge going around and I thought that it would be super cool to create a cover that I would want to be on and what would the magazine talk about. It was the Self-Love Edition! I still really love that photo!

This was one of my favorite swimsuits I’ve ever owned! It was my swimsuit of the year! I won’t be surprised if I keep rocking this one next year!

A Disney Bound Away From Disney

My favorite Disney look didn’t even take place at Disney World. This year I canceled my pass because of the pandemic. I am a huge Star Wars fan. I always wanted to celebrate May 4th with a Disney bound and just because I wasn’t at Disney, didn’t mean I wasn’t going to deliver on that dream! I made it happen with creating 4 different Star Wars character looks straight from my closet. Princess Leia was my favorite look from the four I created.

A Blog-A-Versary Celebration

That one time in quarantine I filled a pool with balloons to celebrate my 3rd blog-a-versary! This was super exciting for me. 3 years of blogging and making so many memories! This was April 15th, 2020! I love doing this photoshoot and it goes down in 2020 history as my favorite photoshoot!

A Beignet Lovin’ Girl Boss

One city changed my entire life this year. I got the opportunity to travel to New Orleans in February. I had never been to NOLA before and it was a city I never thought I would go to. I wanted to travel there because I knew about the history of the city and I wanted to learn more about New Orleans. From stepping foot out of an Uber on to Decatur Street, I knew I was in love with the city.

Beignets became my obsession on this trip. I had a total of 3 full orders in just a couple of days. I loved the music, the history and the buildings of NOLA. The steamboats were gorgeous and filled with history. I loved walking the streets and seeing all the people and music being performed. There is a piece of my heart there in New Orleans and I cannot wait to book my trip back to that city.

Also, this trip was the first time I tried crawfish and gumbo; I fell in love with that too.

Thank you for traveling down memory lane with me in this blog. I am so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve been given this year. I still can’t believe some of the things that happened this year, but I am proud of myself for moving forward and going after my dreams.

I’ll see you all tomorrow for Cheymas Day 27!


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