Beach Fashion Lookbook

It is officially perfect beach weather! Here are a few of my favorite looks that would give you a boost of confidence and fierceness while relaxing on the beach this summer!

Flowy Cover-Up 


This cover-up makes me feel like I can take on the world! I love that it ties in the front or you can wear it open. It goes with mostly every swimsuit I own. This cover-up is from Forever 21 and it is currently on sale! Go get it before it’s gone!


I love wearing the cover up open on the beach to add a little summer style! It is very comfortable and breathable, so you won’t too hot in the sun.

DSCN0448 (1)


Floppy Hats


Floppy hats are my favorite go-to summer beach essential. I love wearing these as protection from the sun. The writing on the floppy hats adds to my personality! Wearing these hats motivate me to make sure that I protect my face.



These hats also give me a boost of confidence because they let me feel care free on the beach. These hats are trending right now! The “Beach Hair, Don’t Care” floppy hat is from TJ Maxx and the “I Can’t Even” hat is from Burlington.

DSCN0450 (1)


Printed Swim Bottoms 


I LOVE wearing printed bottoms. This palm tree printed swim bottom is from Torrid. These bottoms has a little bit of ruching on the front. The black swim top is from Target.


When I saw these on the rack, I knew they had to be mine! Printed swim bottoms are perfect if you are trying to show off the curves and show off what you got! Embrace the curves and the body you have!


I have given up on “skirt” bottoms because I used my confidence tips to learn that my body is worth it. Do not hold yourself back from wearing what you love.

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“Believe you can, then you will.” ~Mulan 

Flowy Maxi Dress 


This is a staple piece in a beach fashion wardrobe. I purchased this dress from Ross for only $8.00! It is the perfect attire for the beach. It is not too long that it would get in the way and flowy enough to be comfortable on the beach! The print is perfect for a beach day!


When I am on the beach, I forget about everything and just embrace the sand, water and sun. Part of my fashion essential for the beach is to be confident in what you are wearing and do not worry if others look at you – embrace you.


To dress up the outfit, I would wear my gladiator sandals or nautical wedges to go with the beach theme.


I hope you enjoyed my summer beach fashion lookbook and you have more inspiration for the summer! There will be plenty more since I am a Florida girl!

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