Goals For A Girl Boss

Hello Goal Setters and Dreamers!

With only a few days of 2017 remaining, I decided to show you all ways to create goals for a girl boss. These are things that always go though my mind when I am creating a goal – whether it’s long term or short term, this method will work for a girl boss.


Girl Bosses are people who are creative and work hard for what they have. They will do anything and everything to be the best they can be though any work they set themselves out for. Here is my list on how to set goals in the girl boss mentality!

Making Goals For You – Do It For Yourself 

When I make goals, I tend to make sure that this is 100% for me to change and achieve my dreams. My goals are not for anyone else or to impress others. Take the opportunities you get and make the most out of them for your success. Sure this is selfish, but with every goal achieved is a happier girl boss. And happier girl boss means more power to take on any work that you but your mind to.

Trust & Believe in Yourself 

Repeat after me – “I will be successful!” This is something I say EVERY DAY. Reminding yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to is the mentality of a girl boss. All girl bosses stick to it and strive for success.

As my favorite entrepreneur said, “whatever you do, do it well.” -Walt Disney

Treat Yourself 

With every success is an opportunity to reward yourself. Whenever you do good, make sure that you treat yourself to something you normally would not do. For example, go get yourself a coffee or get your nails done. Having the opportunity to set aside time from a busy schedule for yourself will make a difference in your performance as a girl boss.

Organization For Success 


Staying organized is a key factor in making goals. Without writing down your goals, you are less likely to achieve them. Stick to a planner or a notebook to get your ideas flowing and remain organized. Decorate your planner with inspirational quotes for more positivity!

Create Your Own Deadlines 

With every goal, there should always be a specific deadline. For me, I don’t have to post a blog, but I want to. I set deadlines on when time wise I would like for my viewers to read a blog. For example, this blog is perfect for the new year for new goals. Making sure you have a dated deadline is perfect for a girl boss to not lose momentum or motivation in achieving a goal.

Make Goals Visible Daily 


Since a girl boss takes care of all business, having those goals that you are working towards visible for you to see. Whether that’s writing them down in a planner or writing them on your phone in notes like I do. Another way to make sure you see your goals is a daily check list. As leaders and girl bosses of the world, we naturally have chemicals in our brains that make us feel good when we have a to do list and cross an item off. This is why I love crating a to do list daily. Creating a list is an easier way to make sure things get done in a short amount of time.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Dream Big 

I’ve learned making goals that align with my dreams are the goals that I will reach for and accomplish quicker. For every dream you have, make small and relevant goal. Don’t fear that a goal is too big. As long as it is dated and specific to your dream, you can make them come true.

Confidence In Your Work  

If you love something and have a passion for it, go after it! Reach that goal by making sure you are positive and ready for whatever life may throw at you. Just remember to believe in yourself and that you have what it takes to be the best.

If you are looking for any more motivation, check out my How To Stay Motivated and Positive Blog to help with more goal making!


I hope this blog has encouraged all girl bosses out there to really create specific goals to help your future and all your success! This is the time to start making this short and long term goals as the new year begins to role in! We all will be able to have confidence in our goals as long as we create and reach for the stars!

Please help me get the word out there to all the girl bosses in your life! Share this to someone who is your inspiration for your success!

Happy New Year!

Love From Your Favorite Girl Boss,

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