18 Goals for 2018 ~ New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! 2018 is finally here!


2017 was an amazing year for me. Between auditioning for American Idol, to starting my blog; it has been an amazing and memorable journey. I have 18 goals that I would like to share with you all to help inspire your 2018 goals.

These are goals I would personally like to accomplish throughout the year. These are all using the methods in my Goals For a Girl Boss Blog!

  1. Start A YouTube Channel – I would like to start a Youtube Channel by April – the anniversary of my blog launch and start making main channel and vlog style videos. My YouTube channel is CheyenneLenore! Go ahead and subscribe!
  2. Write 100 blogs by December 31st, 2018.
  3. Stay consistent with blogging – Setting a specific schedule of when to post my blogs and make sure they are on time.
  4.  Jump out of my fashion comfort zone. This is something I have started to do, but I am now fully embracing different materials and patterns.
  5. Audition for American Idol again. Here is my experience from last year! This goal is all in hopes that the season does well and they come back again. I will always go after this dream. This is something I will never give up on.
  6. Start singing more covers. I noticed that a lot of people loved my White Christmas version on Facebook. This has inspired me to create more covers in 2018!
  7. Graduate with Honors! I will be graduating college in December of 2018! I am very excited and cannot wait for this milestone!
  8. Hit 1 year of blogging. My 1 year of blogging will be a massive relaunch. This is so special and important to me that April 15th will be a very important day!
  9. Gain 4 sponsorship by the end of 2018. Just like Cracker Barrel, I would like to have more opportunities to showcase brands that I love!
  10. Start a fitness journey – creating a better and healthier lifestyle.
  11. Create an Etsy Shop – Start selling my handmade products straight from my Craft Room.
  12. Start my Boutique on Poshmark! I have always wanted a boutique, so and e-commerce boutique is on my list for an important step this year.
  13. Create a business plan for my Event Planning Business.
  14. Become more Body Confident. I have already been comfortable with who I am, but I would love to keep trying everyday to be happy and confident!
  15. Travel to a city in Florida that I’ve never been to. I would love to travel to St. Augustine or Miami.
  16. Travel out of Florida. I would love to go back to New York or travel to Savannah.
  17. Stay Positive and Motivated throughout the whole year.
  18. Random Acts of Kindness – I would like to continue the holiday season year round. This past season has really motivated me into helping those in need. I would like to do small random acts of kindness throughout the year, not just during the Christmas season.


I hope this blog has helped you think of some goals you would like to accomplish throughout 2018! I am super excited for this year and I know it will be amazing!

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Happy New Year!

Until the next blog,



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