Ultimate Must-Have Christmas Bucket List – Christmas 2018

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I have a list of 25 fun things to do for Christmas this year! These are things that I have on my Bucket List for Christmas this year! Let me know in the comments below what you will be adding to your bucket list this Christmas or if you will be using any of these fun activities below!


1. Go Christmas Caroling or go to a Christmas Show

  • One of my favorite ways to celebrate the holidays are going to Christmas shows! There is typically a Christmas show at my old high school that is on my bucket list to attend!

2. Bake for your friends and/or family

  • This is the perfect time to bake with some of your loved ones! Grab an apron and a recipe! I will be posting some of my favorite holiday recipes this year, so look out for some on the blog!

3. Donate to a toy drive

  • Donating to a toy drive is a fun way to give back to children that have the opportunity to receive gifts on Christmas. Donate to a local toy drive to help support your community!

4. Go to a tree lot or tree farm

  • I will be going with my family to a Christmas Tree lot because, in Tampa, there are no Christmas Tree Farms. I’ve always wanted to cut my own Christmas tree, like something straight out of a Hallmark movie!

5. Make homemade Christmas Cards

  • This is something I do every year! Add some personalized touch to a classic tradition!

6. Deck the Halls!

  • Decorate your space! whether that’s a bedroom or your whole house – DECORATE! I will have a new blog soon with all my festive room decor, in the meantime, check out my decor video on YouTube here!

7. Make gingerbread cookies and a house!

  • This is a fun tradition that for me ends up being a Pinterest fail. This year I am determined to perfect the gingerbread cookies and draw their faces on without any icing issues!

8. Leave cookies out for Santa!

  • Just leave out some cookies on a table. You never know…

9. Watch Vlogmas on YouTube

10. Listen to Christmas Music/Records

  • The best way to get into the holiday spirit quick is to listen to Christmas Music! Bust out the record player and listen to Mariah Carey’s Christmas Album on repeat!

11. Send Letters to Santa

  • I will be sending a letter to Santa from Macy’s Store this year. They will donate $1 for every letter written. This is just a fun way to bring out the cheer and give back.

12. Watch Christmas Movies

  • The Grinch is one of my favorite Christmas movies to watch! Turn on Hallmark, grab a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa and watch movies with your family!

13. Wrap Gifts!

  • Wrapping gifts is a fun way to get in the holiday spirit! I always have Mrs. Claus’ Workshop open for business this holiday season wrapping all the gifts for my family!

14. Make a hot cocoa station in your kitchen!

  • This is something I am challenging myself to do on a budget! The dollar spot at Target is the perfect place to pick out Christmas decor. This can be a fun and inviting way to spice up your kitchen for when guests come over for the holidays!

15. Fill stockings for friends!

  • I love this idea for friends that you aren’t too sure of what to get them. Fill a stocking with candy, a $5.00 gift card to Starbucks, and your friends will be happy to receive a creative gift!

16. Donate to your favorite charity!

  • If you want more details on how to give back this Christmas, click here on ways you can donate and give back!

17. Help someone in need this holiday season!

  • If you see someone in need this Christmas, help someone! This is what the holiday season is all about.

18. Create an ornament for your Christmas Tree!

  • There are so many options for DIYing your own ornament! Check out Pinterest for some amazing easy ideas!

19. For those of you living in Florida, check out the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail!

  • This is something that I enjoy doing every year! Every year there are different Christmas Trees set up with themes in Disney Springs. This is a great way to spread some holiday cheer for free!

20. Drive around your neighborhood looking at the Christmas lights!

  • This is a great way to end your night with family and friends!

21. Volunteer with the Salvation Army for Ringing the Bell!

  • If you have free time, check your local Salvation Army Buckets to ring the bell for Christmas. In my city, there was a lack of bell ringers, so I decided to sign up, bring a friend or two and sing Christmas Carols! A fun way to do two bucket list items!

22. Make DIY gifts on a budget for the holidays!

  • If you are wanting to save and still get Christmas gifts for your family, try DIYing a few gifts as a sweet personalized touch! Handmade is always the best!

23. Roast Marshmallows and Chesnuts on an open fire.

  • Grab a couple of blankets, start a fire and roast some classic treats with friends and family!

24. Find a local ice skating rink!

  • My city has set up an ice skating rink downtown and I’m thinking about going…only if I get a walker to help me.

25. Celebrate the holidays with loved ones!

  • Surround yourself with the people you love this season! Call someone you haven’t called in a while and let them you are thinking of them this holiday season!


If you want more holiday bucket list inspiration, click here to check out my blog from last year!

Thank you for reading! I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Cheyenne Lenore 


3 thoughts on “Ultimate Must-Have Christmas Bucket List – Christmas 2018”

  1. I am doing several of the things on your list. By the way we have Christmas tree farms here. I will also be expecting some cookies in the mail. Wrap them in plastic and they will make the trip. It is great that part of your list includes giving back to others, after all that is what we are called to do. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    1. I love it! That is so cool that there are Christmas tree farms! I would love to see it one day! Getting into the festive spirit! Merry Christmas! Lots of love!

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