How To Be A Successful Poshmark Seller ~ Girl Boss 101

Attention All Girl Bosses!

As the holidays are coming to an end, you are probably starting to clear out your closet as a refreshing start to 2018! You might find a ton of clothes that don’t fit, aren’t your style anymore, or still have the tags on them. I have pro tips that are going to help you start off the new year right with money straight to your pocket.

I have another tip guide for Poshmark! These are the my all time favorite tips to use if you are wanting to start on Poshmark and utilize it as a part time job.  If you want to read my other blogs on Poshmark and see how I create an online store right from my closet. This blog is a continutation of my 5 Tips and Tricks to Start Your Small Business!  How To Post Your First Listing and Closet Clear Out  are two other blogs on Poshmark if you want more help!


Tip #6: Strong and Positive

Sometimes a sale will not happen over night. It is important that you stay strong and continue to share your items. Don’t assume other people will share your items for you. This is a proven Poshmark facts that if you share to not only your followers and social medias, you will see increased sales.

Tip #7: It’s Listing Day!

Set a specific date when you list your items to Poshmark. I will typically take pictures Saturday mornings and post the same day. The weekend is the perfect time to list when there are several people active on the website.

Tip #8: Consider This is Job

You can only put in what you time you can. I consider this a part-time job. I will dedicate hours into taking pictures, uploading, listing, sharing, and packaging. If you want to create a business through this, time is the most valuable factor.

Tip #9: Social Media is Your Friend

Use all social media platforms to enhance sales. I love sharing to Pinterest and Twitter to get the attention of other potential buyers; this will help increase your sales by making other platforms aware of your items.

Tip #10: Know What Will Sell

If it is the summer, shorts, hats, bathing suits, and tank tops will sell right off the racks! If you post and share those items during that time, they will more likely sell quicker than the other items such as a sweater in the summer. If you have sweaters, wait until the end of summer to post the “new listings” to your closet. This will attract more attention from your buyers in your closet.

Tip #11: Likers = Awareness To Potential Buyers 

Poshmark allows you to price drop any item you have listed in your closet. Once you drop the price, all the people that liked your specific listing will receive a notification from the app and an email that your item was reduced by “50%” or “10%”, however much you decide to drop the price for.

Tip #12: Use the Holidays In Your Favor

If it is approaching the spring time, make a listing stating “Spring Closet Clear Out!” This will attract more customers to shop your closet. If it is Mother’s Day, use that holiday to have a sale! You are able to discount bundles, shipping and items, so notify those customers that you are having a sale on your items to get them out of your closet and straight to theirs.


Poshmark is a really fun and easy app to use to make quick cash! Everyone has clothes that they don’t want anymore, so start this 2018 out right!

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Happy Poshing!

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