Dreams & Goals of a Plus Size Blogger | 200th Blog

I recently just hit the milestone – 3 years of blogging! A year and a half later from marking my 100th blog milestone, I now have reached 200 blogs! I never knew how much blogging would mean to me once I started this journey. For this 200th blog, I want to share with you my dreams and goals for my blog and heading in to the future. I’ll also take a look back at some of my favorite blogs of the past couple of years!

The Evolution Of Being A Plus Size Blogger

Like I said, when I started this blog, I had no idea what I was doing. I had one goal in mind which was to tell my story and help inspire others. When I started my journey, I knew I couldn’t be a blogger overnight. This was a challenge I was up for because I knew that this is what I’m meant to do.

The content I posted in the beginning of Cheyenne Lenore is SO different from what I post now. I’m so proud of that and I’m proud of where I’m heading! Recently I looked back at a lot of my older blogs, and I know I am happy I posted them, but I am so proud of the evolution of my style of writing and confidence in what I do.

Over the years, I’ve learned to get out of my comfort zone and post the content I love. The content I love is being open and vulnerable with you all AND getting to share my favorite fashion as a plus size girl. I love fashion. I always have. I’m a pretty basic girl, but I challenge myself when I go out for these photoshoots. To me they aren’t just “taking photos”. I’m documenting my confidence journey every step of the way. Even through I am the most confident I’ve ever been in my life, there is always room for growth. If you put your mind to anything, you can do it.

Goals Of A Girl Boss

Back in September of 2018, I hit the milestone of 100 blogs. I was proud of those, but I can say I’m even more proud of the 100 more I’ve posted. A lot of creativity and planning go behind each of these blogs. From filling pools with balloons for my blog-a-versary, to adding 5 Christmas trees in my room as inspiration for your room – I plan it all. That is my favorite thing about blogging. I am able to be creative and have fun with it!

From giving advice on being girl boss to the outfits a girl boss will slay in, I share it all. From talking about my story of bullying to my story of a confident curvy plus size life, I am proud of it and I share it all. This blog means the world to me. My goals for the blog are simple.

You’ll see more content in 2020. This year has not been the best year, but I am determined to make it better. I will continue to post as much as I can and when I can. I am LOVING daily blogging. My goal since I started blogging was that one day I could blog daily and love every minute of it. This year in year 4, it’s finally happened for me!

Sharing more vulnerable content. Just if you thought I couldn’t share anymore – there’s more y’all. There always will be! Confidence will always be a topic for my blog because it’s important that we empower each other and support one another!

A Girl Boss Can Dream

“Unlocking My Own Magic”. This is a quote is one from the Happily Ever After firework show in Magic Kingdom that I have been missing a lot lately! That firework show always helps me get the magic back. I know I have the ability to make any of my dreams become a reality. I know the blog will always be a part of my big dream!

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A big thank you to everyone who continues to read my blogs and has supported me in my long journey to being a blogger! I cannot wait to see what another 100 blogs has in store for us!

See you in tomorrow’s blog!

Lots of love,

Cheyenne Lenore


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