30 Halloween Costumes In 30 Seconds | Last Minute Halloween Costumes That Are In Your Closet

It’s Halloween Week! If you are looking for last minute costume ideas, I have got you covered here on this blog!

Today I posted a brand new reel on my Instagram, sharing 30 costumes in 30 seconds! Fun fact, it took me two hours exactly to film this! It was SO much fun and I loved sharing all the fun outfit ideas with everyone.

Something different about this blog is I pulled everything from my closet. Not one clothing item was purchased for this reel. All it took was a little imagination and a little digging in the closet to find outfits that resembled some of my favorite characters or people.

This blog I wanted to share with you all a few of my blogs I did this year that can help you come up with fun last minute Halloween Costumes! Here’s the order in which you see the costumes in my blog! I’ll link all the different blogs I’ve done in the past as many outfits as I’ve previously created!

Minnie Mouse: Minnie Mouse Disney OOTD

Mickey Mouse: M-I-C-K-E-Y | The Legend, The Icon | Disney Costume Idea

Steamboat Willie: I kept my Mickey Mouse ears on from the pervious look and added a long sleeve black shirt and grey shorts. I took a piece of white paper and cut out two ovals for the buttons to tape onto my shorts. This was the easiest look!

Donald: Donald & Daisy | The Ducks of Disney | Halloween Costume Outfit Idea

Olaf: The look I will probably be for Halloween! This one was fun because I took a fuzzy white sweater and denim white skirt from Torrid to piece together the look. I added 3 pieces of felt on my outfit for that “coal” look. I took two brown pipe cleaners and bobby pinned them to my hair! It was so fun! I started singing “In Summer”!

Lilo and Stitch: I had a Lilo and Stich shirt from a long time ago from Torrid. I put that on top of my red Macy’s dress and grab Stitch! It was very easy to piece this one together from my closet!

Cinderella: For Cinderella, I had this long blue button down dress from Torrid that I never got to wear. I styled it with my DIY Pearl Headband and a chocker necklace. I put my hair up in a bun and twirled around the room!

Pooh Bear: This one was SO easy! If you have a yellow skirt and a red sweater or shirt, you can be pooh bear! I loved this look SO much! I took yellow felt from my craft room and made two ovals. I used two bobby pins to secure them to my hair!

Jack Skellington: I took a long jumpsuit from Torrid that has black and white stripes, grabbed a king hat and a pumpkin for the “Pumpkin King”.

Pizza Planet Delivery Girl: I am a huge fan of Toy Story so I was able to piece this together! I had a Pizza Planet Delivery Shirt and a matching red hat. I styled it with jeans and a little green alien for the perfect look. Just missing a pizza and the truck!

Darth Vader: A Galaxy Far Far Away | Star Wars Padme Amidala & Darth Vader Inspired OOTDs To explain my facial reaction, I wanted to breath like Darth Vader!

Princess Leia:May The Force Be With You | Star Wars Princess Leia & Han Solo Inspired OOTD’s

Han Solo:May The Force Be With You | Star Wars Princess Leia & Han Solo Inspired OOTD’s

Padme: A Galaxy Far Far Away | Star Wars Padme Amidala & Darth Vader Inspired OOTDs

Tom Nook: This was a super fun look to recreate! I had a tropical shirt and kahki shorts to start. I grabbed my Switch and did a quick DIY. I took yellow fabric and wrapped it around a mini pumpkin. Tied it with a red bow and added a brown star on the front of the “money bag”. Tom Nook loves his money!

Dress Like My Villager: I Dressed Like My Animal Crossing Villager | 4 Outfits Inspired By My Villager

Wednesday Addams: Wednesday Addams OOTD | Halloween Costume Idea

Witch: I Put A Spell On You & Now It’s October | The Witch is Back OOTN

Cute Devil: I styled my red Macy’s dress and a cape I had made when I was 13 and called it the “cute devil”. This one was fun because I got to add the devil pitch fork from Party City!

Mrs Claus: I pulled a red velvet dress and white knit sweater out of my closet. Found a belt and clear glasses and said “Ho Ho Ho”! Tied my hair in a bun and called myself Mrs. Claus! I loved this look, Don’t be surprised if I try this for Christmas time.

Pumpkin Spice Girl: Grab a Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew and your PSL shirt and you are a pumpkin spice girl! This one is super simple if you don’t want to wear something too crazy!

Cheetah Girl: I pulled everything and anything in my closet that was cheetahlicious! I started running around my room singing “CHEETAH GIRLS CHEETAH SISTERS”.

Pirate: This one I had a little too much fun with. I mentioned back in my birthday blog that Captain Morgan and Coke was my favorite mixed drink. Well, I will protect the Captain Morgan at all costs! Pirate nature is in my blood – I’m from Tampa! Gasparilla is where all the magic happens in my hometown. A pirate wardrobe is a must!

Sandy From Grease: All black OOTD with lots of leather, you’re Sandy at the end of Grease! Start doing the dance and people will totally get it!

Kim Kardashian: Find a black body con dress, black leather jacket and black sunnies for a all Kim K look! This one was super fun! If you have anything from her beauty line, walk around with it all day and it’s the perfect combo!

Rainbow Princess: This dress was super simple, but I felt like a princess in it! I had to include this in the reel!

Safari Adventurer: I really wanted binoculars for this look, but I didn’t have them. If you do, that can take this look up a whole other level!

Girl Boss/Boss Babe: We all know the iconic girl boss looks I love to do on the top of the parking garage in Downtown Tampa, I styled the look with my laptop and Torrid leopard shorts. Can’t forget the leopard!

Youtuber/Vlogger: This one I just took a basic sweater and jeans and styled a fedora with my vlog camera! This is super easy if you have a random camera at home, you can just style an outfit and walk around with your camera all day!

Cheyenne Lenore: cheyennelenore.com – this one was just to be funny! In case you can’t find anything else in your closet, you can dress up normal or be me for the day!

I hope you all enjoyed this blog! Go check out the video for all the inspiration on my Instagram!

I’ll see you all for Chey-O-Ween Day 27!


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